Foster Homes

A key initiative we support is Foster Homes for children affected by the HIV pandemic. Through a longstanding local partnership of the organization AFMSDD, we are providing financial and in-kind resources to support growth, socio-economic development, and safe environments where children can experience a loving home, have access to healthcare, and receive an education. Through this partnership there are 6 foster homes being supported with 48 children being cared for. Our hope is that these children can be reunited with living family members if possible. Or, in other cases, that they receive the education and psychosocial support needed to become self-sufficient and independent adults.

Income Generating Activities

Income Generating Activities have been implemented to support the financial and further optimize livelihoods at the Foster Homes. From 2016-2019, a Rotary Grant has helped to provide resources that can be invested in the Foster Homes to create the IGAs. Engaging with the Foster Homes to help identify a economic opportunity that is relevant to the area, we are now seeing diverse projects of piggery, chicken (layers and broiler production), vegetable market, and grocery store. Not only are these providing additional income, but in the process are providing food, nutrition, skills, and community engagement. With ongoing support, these IGAs can scale providing further employment and resilience through local agri-food production.

Mobile Health Units

A new area that we are participating in is around much needed health care delivery around HIV and other health issues. Through an emerging partnership with SolidarMed, Bracelet of Hope is looking to support the costs of 6 Mobile Health Units that will help the country’s marginalized rural population. Presently, many of the rural areas which makes up over 70% of the population has no or infrequent access to any level health care delivery. Instead of re-creating the wheel, Bracelet of Hope has reviewed several potential partnership within Lesotho and are excited to work with SolidarMed who are global leaders on mobile health units in resource poor countries and areas.

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