Get Involved: Volunteer with Bracelet of Hope

Bracelet of Hope is so grateful for the support of all our volunteers! Our volunteer positions mainly take place in Guelph and surrounding areas, centered around our fundraising events and administrative help in our office, as well as spreading awareness about Bracelet of Hope.

Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to apply for the position and will go through an interview process to see if your abilities are suitable for the volunteer position available at that time.

Are you looking for a more flexible volunteer opportunity? If you can’t come to our office during business hours or join us at an event, you can still volunteer!

Consider organizing your own event to support Bracelet of Hope? Become a Hope Fundraiser, or deliver brochures and pamphlets. There are ideas, tools and more at to help you get started.

Events that are independently organized by our supporters are a great way to help Bracelet of Hope and our mission, while doing it on a schedule that suits your busy lifestyle.

Volunteer with us. Fill out the form below to get involved!

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