Volunteer at Bracelet of Hope

Join our team and help fight the AIDS pandemic in Lesotho

Bracelet of Hope’s network of grassroots volunteers makes sure that all of our projects and programs can have as big and positive an impact as possible in the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. Our volunteers help us take things to the next level by offering fresh eyes and new ideas, and in doing so, make the growth of our organization possible.


This role is diverse and multifaceted. Event staff could mean planning, set up, take down, staffing awareness booths, fundraising kiosks, or operating a game. The event will determine the roles our volunteers will play. Some of our event volunteers sit on planning committees, manage event logistics, or lead & supervise teams of volunteers on event day. This position is great for any level of experience or ability and is flexible in time commitment.


This role is a crucial position in our organization. It could mean selling tickets, soliciting prizes or auction items, utilizing social media to promote, helping with fundraising packages and campaigns and in some cases, writing press releases or newsletters. This role is great for a person who is high energy, knows a lot of people, has great connections or is willing to make them.

Public Awareness

This role is about getting our mission and message out there. It often means staffing an awareness booth, preparing educational or informative materials, offering support via social media, and potentially educating the public through talks, workshops, speeches or school engagements. The sky’s the limit for this role and it is great for a person who is outgoing, compassionate and may have a background in public speaking or International Development.

Administrative Support

This role assists our staff in maintaining and developing the structures and systems upon which all of our programs and projects are built. Admin volunteers will find themselves involved in all areas; preparing spreadsheets for events, tracking donations, sending out ‘thank-you’ cards, maintaining databases of contacts and organizing digital files, photos & more. It requires a detail-oriented person with good organizational skills that is able to commit time consistently.

Social Media Management

This role is a fundamental area of work for our organization. It is how we maintain and grow our public visibility, share our mission, recruit supporters and keep our audience updated and informed of our work. The work of social media management volunteers includes creating and scheduling weekly content on our social media, growing our audience and animating our presence by engaging with our followers through comments, likes, sharing and more. This role requires consistent involvement and reliability, good planning skills and creativity. It is a great role for those who are interested in learning about Bracelet of Hope’s work and sharing it with others.