Saturday December 1st | 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

At our 7th annual World AIDS Day Gala we will be rolling out what will be our most innovative project yet, one that will change the face of healthcare in Lesotho. We invite you to share with us what will be a pivotal moment in achieving our mission of seeing Lesotho AIDS free.

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Help us make a difference in the lives of orphans and families devastated by HIV/AIDS. Become a monthly donor today and your support will give children a permanent home and family, healthy meals, education, health care, medication and HOPE for a better future!

What We Do

Foster Homes

Our foster homes provide physical safety, emotional support and a family environment for children that have been orphaned due to HIV. By caring for those most vulnerable and equipping them with education, proper nutrition and medical care, we can break the cycle of HIV and poverty that plagues Lesotho.

Income Generating Activities
Income Generating Activities

Our Income-Generating Activities provide a platform for sustainable income and self-sufficiency. By supporting IGAs that are designed, implemented and operated by men and women in Lesotho, we can increase well-being for those living with HIV and spark socioeconomic growth.

Mobile Health Units

Our Mobile Health Units will reach marginalized and isolated populations with medical support and HIV treatment. By targeting those most at risk and those without access to regular healthcare, we can decrease both HIV transmission rates and HIV-related deaths in Lesotho.

About Bracelet of Hope

In a country where almost one in four people are infected with HIV, treatment is clearly an enormous need, and Bracelet of Hope’s founding purpose was to raise funds for the first AIDS clinic in Lesotho.

In 2009, after a tremendous community fundraising effort the city of Guelph, Ontario raised $1 million to support the first HIV/AIDS clinic in Lesotho, keeping 11,000 people alive and well on treatment.

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