One home closer to one country AIDS free

Recently, the decision was made to relocate one of our rural foster homes due the problems and difficulties faced by the family because of its remote location on the side of a mountain. Our foster mother was forced to descend hundreds of meters to the nearest well multiple times a day, each time making the return climb burdened with buckets of water and the foster children walked several hours to and from school each day. The home was without any road access, so the paths they travelled on were rough and uneven and further isolated them from the community.

The foster family has been moved into the church, where they are being protected and provided for. But a church is not a home.  Bracelet of Hope along with our partners in Lesotho, have decided to build them a home on the church property. Our team will be returning to Lesotho in November with the intent to break ground on building a new home for this foster family.

The land for the new home has been allocated, but we’ll need $25,000 to build it.

Our crazy founder will attempt to cycle 100 km in one ride to raise $20,000 of our goal.  She is getting too old for these shenanigans. You can sponsor her ride, or better yet, go the extra mile by joining the campaign and go for one ride on your bike!

Participating in one ride is easy. Really, all you have to do, is decide how far you’re going to cycle. Where and when is up to you! All we ask is that you complete your ride by the end of the campaign, which is November 2nd, 2018.

When you register, you’ll be asked to create a login password so that you can manage your donations and customize your fundraising page. If you’ve participated in a Canada Helps campaign in the past with the email address you are using to register, you may already have an account and will be prompted to enter a pre-existing password.

Once registered, you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal. Just like your cycling distance, this goal can be as low or as high as you want. Your fundraising goal could even be higher than the campaign goal!!When you first register, there will be a default profile photo and fundraising story, which you can edit and customize at any time. You can customize your fundraising fundraising page to include details such as how far you intend to cycle and why you’ve chosen to ride. You can also choose to upload other images or videos to help tell your fundraising story.

You’ll be given a link that you can use to share your fundraising page via email or on social media. You’ll also have access to files such as fundraising tips & tools, campaign graphics and  emails and social media posts you can use to ask family and friends to support your campaign.

You’ll also have access to a pledge form so that you can collect donations offline. You can add offline donations to your page so that you can properly track your fundraising progress. The last thing to do is go for your ride! You can go at any time, anywhere. Day or night, at home or at the cottage. It’s totally up to you! You’ll have access to the “Done Ride” sign, along with all the other tips & tools files once you’ve registered. Just print it off, fill in the number of kilometers you cycled, and snap and send a picture of you holding the sign.