Bracelet of Hope was presented with the Global Best Award recognizing outstanding community partnerships with significant impact.

The Global Best Awards are supported by The Conference Board of Canada and the International education business Partnership Network. A bi-annual event, the Global Best Awards celebrate outstanding and effective business, education and community organization partnerships that have a significant impact on the communities in which they operate.

In October of 2014, Anne-Marie Zajdlik of Bracelet of Hope was honoured to have been presented the Global Best Award for the second time at the 12th International education business Partnership Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Bracelet of Hope was also a recipient of this award in 2008.

This award recognizes the amazing work and dedication of not only the organization itself but also the remarkable work of the community who have rallied around this cause without which their work would not be possible. Congratulations to Anne-Marie and all of the members and supporters of this organization.