Gifts of Hope

Foster Mothers

Foster moms are our superheroes! We are so thankful for them because they make sure that our foster children have nutritious meals every day, are sent to school, have a stable home environment with consistent parenting and are well loved!

A mom in your life would be overjoyed to know that this gift is providing a mom on the other side of the world with what she needs to her job well. This gift will provide necessary healthcare, hygiene products and personal items for our foster moms in Lesotho who do such important work. Choose between a one time gift or supporting one foster mom for the year!

One Time Gift

Recurring Gift

Breakfast for All

Moms know how important it is to keep their kids healthy by feeding them nutritious meals. Give the gift of a well-fed belly to a special mom in your life and she will know that foster children in Lesotho are receiving what they need to thrive.

Choose between a one time gift towards feeding our foster children or providing breakfast for one foster child every day for a year

One Time Gift

Recurring Gift

Chicken and Pigs

Our poultry and piggery projects put money back into the foster home program and provide the homes with much needed sustainable income. This Mother’s Day, buy your mom a chicken or a pig for the foster home program and she will know her gift went towards sustaining a beautiful project that protects HIV orphans and foster children in Lesotho.